About Us

We are a team of European, British and Commonwealth champions who deliver world class sports programmes to children from the ages of 3-18.

"Life is all about the choices we make and the chances we take..."


Inspion Sports started in 2020 during a global pandemic and was born out of a desire to teach fencing and the many valuable life lessons we have learnt from competing at the highest level. As a result, our team consisting of British, European and Commonwealth champions have created a syllabus that not only passes down our fencing knowledge to the children but also aims to develop many transferable skills that they can use throughout their lives.


We have high ambitions here at Inspion beyond just fencing, we employ only the best coaches and team to provide our customers the best possible products and services.

Alexander Tofalides

“Ever since my mother signed me up for classes at the age of 7, fencing has been the single most transformative experience in my life. It has made me who I am today. The thing I love the most about it is that it is a direct battle with your opponent but you cannot win solely by being stronger physically. You must be also able to tactically outsmart them.”

Chief Operating Officer
Arron Knight

Arron is responsible for driving business growth within Inspion Sports. Arron develops ways to contact and to attract new clients, research new market opportunities and oversee growth projects, making sales projections and forecasting revenue, in line with projected income.