Fencing in school

We utilize sport as an educational tool to develop social and personal skills of every athlete. Together with our educational partners, we deliver sports classes using our world-leading syllabus and coaching.


We encourage our students to learn through participation and engagement. Our syllabus has been designed so that 85-90% of the lesson time is activity focused with enjoyment at the core of each lesson.
We have a great network of high-level fencing coaches readily available to serve any location.
All our coaches are passionate about fencing, expertly trained and excited to share their knowledge of fencing on to our community of schools.
We guarantee that our service is always punctual, reliable and of the highest quality. We give students every opportunity to reach their full potential.
Fencing provides an exciting way to improve ones’ physical literacy, such as agility, strength, coordination and balance. Our classes foster a lifelong interest in sport and enrich every student with technical advancements in the sport of fencing.
Our classes nurture transferable skills such as discipline, performance under pressure, team work, respect and accountability. Win or lose, at the end of each bout, students salute and prepare to challenge their next opponent.

Fencing has been the single most transformative experience in my life.

The American School in London

Trevor Jones – Head of Extra-Curricular activities

“Inspion Sports have provided our young students with an amazing introduction to the discipline of Fencing. Their staff showed great ingenuity, creativity and flexibility during restrictions caused by COVID, and, now that we are back to regular classes at their excellent North London centre, I’m happy to say that the kids’ enjoyment is through the roof! The company is well organised and efficient, whilst the coaching staff are intuitive and energetic: ensuring that the well crafted sessions are focussed but fun. I would not hesitate in recommending this excellent company.”

More House School

Claire Phelps – Head of Physical Education

“We are extremely pleased with the experience Inspion Sports have offered the girls at More House School. Fencing was a completely new sport to the school, but the coaching team have made the sessions fun, inclusive and safe. The club has provided us with two top level coaches who have inspired and tailored their wealth of enthusiasm and skills to meet the needs of our girls.  The admin team is fantastic and will go the extra mile to support the children, school and parents. 

I would certainly recommend Inspion Sports coaching to any school looking to broaden their co-curricular programme and looking to engage students in a new challenge.”

St George's Weybridge

Andy Cornick – Director of Sport 

“I been really impressed with the quality of coaching and engagement of the pupils, since Inspion Sports started delivering the Fencing programme at St George’s College in September. The progression of the students has been fantastic, as has the rapport developed by the coach, which has made the learning environment such a positive one. I would encourage other schools to engage the services of Inspion Sports and their exceptional coaches, who are largely still involved in performance pathways of their own.”


We provide all of the equipment to make the classes run smoothly as possible.
Teachers are more than welcome to join in, but all of our coaches have the relevant certifications to carry out classes independently.
Our classes typically run for one hour, but this timeframe is flexible.
Our coaches follow an expertly crafted syllabus that caters for students depending on their ability. Each lesson targets specific learning objectives and builds towards a graded assessment.
No previous experience is necessary – our holistic syllabus caters for individual needs and learning styles.